Renewable additives for biofuels

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José Luis Sánchez

284.350 € Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities


The development of a new generation of biofuels, able to fullfil the current energy demand, for transport and heating purposes, requires of the design of additives more and more specific in order to comply with the environmental  requirements and most strict standards that are set to the manufacturers of internal combustion systems.

In this context, the main objective of the present project is to develop, based on the experience gained by the research team, a family of additives based on lignin from biomass treatment.
Specifically these materials are bio-oil from  biomass fast pyrolysis and black liquor from the pulp and paper industry. Starting from them and by steps of reaction, separation, and functionalization/derivatization, the production of
additives for biofuels will be studied in order to  improve their physico-chemical properties and increase their market value.

The integration of the valorization of those lignin sources in a biorefinery would serve to improve the economy of the process and to help the fulfillment of the share of renewable energy to be
attained in Europe in the frame of Horizon 2020.