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Address: Escuela Politécnica Superior, Crta de Cuarte, s/n. E-22071 Huesca – Spain


Research Interests

  • Activation and doping of engineered carbons as anodes for potassium-ion batteries.

I began my research career by my degree thesis, working on development of thin film nanocomposite MOF-polymer membranes, and then I continued my Master thesis in application of this kind of membranes for the elimination of microcontaminants by nanofiltration.

In my professional career, I have continued to develop at research area in the field of new polymer nanomaterials adding different kind of additives to improve them.

Now, I will apply my knowledge of porous nanomaterials and characterization techniques to carry out biochar-derived-carbons as anodes for alkali ion batteries (sodium and potassium).



  • BIOCARB-ion —Engineered biochar-derived carbons as anodes for sodium and potassium-ion batteries (PID2019-107737RB-I00)



Lorena Paseta, Daniel Antorán, Joaquín Coronas, and Carlos Téllez. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2019 58 (10), 4222-4230. DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.8b0601.



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