Research line

Our research is focused on pyrolysis, gasification and combustion with a wide range approach: from fundamental or lab-scale experimental studies to industry-oriented demonstration plants.
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The interest in different biofuels covers a wide range of research activities within the GPT.

    • The improvement of pyrolysis oil properties for fuel purposes is one example.
    • Biodiesel production has also been investigated using alternative raw materials for the process.
    • The research on hydrogen is related to catalyst development in oxygenates reforming processes. The biofuels conversion is also studied in the different thermochemical processes.


Research on value-added products from thermochemical process include, as an example:

    • Application of pyrolysis chars as an adsorbent, catalyst support or soil amendment (biochar)
    • Synthesis or isolation of antioxidants from lignin for improving the fuel properties of biodiesel
    • Detailed analysis of pyrolysis oil composition to identify valuable products and optimal production

Pyrolysis And Gasification

Development of technologies, based on thermochemical processes, that can be applicable at industrial scale to obtain energy or products from biomass and waste.

A wide range of process reactors, from microscale (TGA) to pilot-scale pyrolysis and gasification plants, are available at the groups facilities.

Valorization Of Residues

This research line also focuses on finding adequate means for valorizing different industrial and agroforestry residues.

The group has worked with many different materials, including that from the pulp and paper industry (black liquor, plastic residues…), sewage sludge, animal manure, waste tyres, plastics, meat and bone meal,refuse derived fuel (RDF) and agricultural wastes.

Investigators in charge