The general objective of our research activity is not only to contribute to scientific knowledge of thermo-chemical processes, but also direct collaboration with industry partners in technology development, innovation or process scaleup.

Technology consultancy
We have provided technology consultancy and R&D services for a wide range of companies.
Process Design & Scaleup
We can carry out the process development, the scale-up, design and construction of turnkey deliverable plants for biomass, wastes and residues processing at any scale, from laboratory to a full-commercial scale in collaboration with private companies which may be interested and provide financial support.
Intellectual Property/Know-how
We have also contributed to more than 10 patents in the last 20 years, some of which have been successfully licensed.
Analysis of biomass/residues
Our analytical capabilites include Proximate/Ultimate analysis, Calorimetry, TGA, TOC, Karl-Fischer titration, GC-MS, BET surface area, amongst others. These techniques are used to determine the suitability of applying thermochemical treatments to specific residues, and to analyze the characteristics of the resulting products.

Multiscale approach

Plant examples

Examples (above) include the design, construction and operation of pilot-scale fluidized bed pyrolysis/gasification plant, a demonstration-scale sewage sludge gasification plant, and a commercial-scale biomass downdraft gasification plant.

Some companies we've worked with