Design and operation of a carbonizer for cashew nutshell valorization in Burkina Faso

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Javier Ábrego

12.000 € Cooperation Chair, Univ. Zaragoza


We developed a simple, scalable and reliable pyrolysis reactor to carbonize cashew nutshells. Good quality charcoal was obtained, and also the possibility of recovering cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) and bio-oil was deemed as feasible.

This project was funded by the Cooperation Chair, University of Zaragoza.

Project results are summarized in these publications:

Plaza, Daniel; Artigas, Julia; Ábrego, Javier; Gonzalo, Alberto; Sánchez, José Luis; Dro, Augustin Diomandé; Richardson, Yohan

Design and operation of a small-scale carbonization kiln for cashew nutshell valorization in Burkina Faso

Energy for Sustainable Development, 53 pp. 71–80, 2019ISSN: 23524669.

Ábrego, Javier; Plaza, Daniel; Luño, Francisco; Atienza-Martínez, María; Gea, Gloria

Pyrolysis of cashew nutshells: Characterization of products and energy balance

Energy, 158 pp. 72–80, 2018ISSN: 03605442.