Experimental and numerical investigation of the catalytic effects of inorganic matter on the gasificacion of biomass residues (CERES)

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Mario Costa (IST, Portugal), María Abián (U. Zaragoza)

Fundaçao para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT, Portugal)


Biomass gasification has the potential to close the loop of activities that produce biomass residues. Torrefaction can improve the properties of residual feedstock. Inorganic matter can act as catalyzing agent during the gasification process. This project investigates the gasification process of raw and torrefied biomass fuels in the presence of inorganic matter. The experiments are performed in complementary laboratory reactors. The process parameters and the product properties are characterized. A numerical tool that encompasses conversion kinetics, transport phenomena and inorganic chemistry is developed. The study provides an extensive experimental database of the gasification process and a consistent and predictive set of numerical tools. These results represent an outstanding contribution to the understanding of the underlying governing mechanisms of biomass gasification.